Quail Hunts

We are glad you’re considering a quail hunt with us at Blackburn Fork Preserve. It’s our goal to provide a fun and exciting hunting experience for an affordable price. Our guided and self-guided hunts require a 2 hunter minimum and 3 hunters maximum per group.

Our hunts provide quality raised birds that are great flyers. Our fields offer excellent cover, with mowed paths for walking and ATVs. Our dogs are well trained, and conditioned to hunt with you all day. We guarantee you that you’ll want to quit before they do.

Guided Hunts

Guided hunts include an experienced guide and trained hunting dogs. All hunts include a base number of birds as shown in the fee schedule. You may purchase extra birds for $7.50 each. Full day hunts will start at 8:00am. Half day hunts will be conducted from 8:00am to Noon or 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

½ Day Guided Hunt (12 birds per hunter) — $205 per Hunter

Full Day Guided Hunt (24 birds per hunter) — $400 per Hunter

Self-Guided Hunts

Self-guided hunts require you to bring and hunt with your own dogs, and plan your own hunts. All hunts include a base number of birds as shown in the fee schedule. You may purchase extra birds for $7.50 each. Full day hunts start at 8:00am. Half day hunts will be conducted from 8:00am to Noon or 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

½ Day Self-Guided Hunt (12 birds per hunter) — $165 per Hunter

Full Day Self-Guided Hunt (24 birds per hunter) — $330 per Hunter

Dog Working Session

If you have a bird dog that you want to come and work with, we invite you to reserve a time to use our facility to do so. Dog training sessions have a 2 hour limit and include 5 birds. Extra birds are not available for dog working sessions.

2 Hour Dog Working Session (5 birds) — $50 per Session

What to Bring
You need to bring a few things with you for hunting. You will need the following:

  • Alabama Hunting License or Alabama Preserve Permit. In the state of Alabama, you only need a Preserve Permit to hunt at Blackburn Fork Preserve. If you already have an annual or lifetime license, you are not required to have the Preserve Permit. The Preserve Permit is valid for both residents and non-residents and costs only $10 for 7 days. Information on the permit is available here. Select “Purchase a License” and fill in USA, Alabama and your birthdate. Then scroll down to “Available Privileges” and under “Hunting” select the option that says “Res Commercial Preserve Trip 7-days” and complete the purchase process.
  • Shotgun – 12 gauge or smaller
  • Shotgun Shells appropriate for your shotgun
  • Required Hunter Orange Safety Apparel – hat, vest, shirt, etc. We have hats for sale in the office.
  • Eye and Ear protection recommended, especially for young hunters.
  • Good boots or hiking shoes are a must. Quail hunting requires a good bit of walking in most situations. Please make sure you wear comfortable socks and shoes, preferably waterproof, that will keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Your dog(s) if you’ve scheduled a self-guided hunt, and food and water as appropriate. There are areas available for you to stake your dog during the day so he won’t have to stay in the box.
  • Gamebird vest is recommended.
  • Brush pants are recommended; we do our best to manage briars on the property, but there are some, and quail hunting is best with good cover for the birds. Brush pants can make your day more enjoyable.
  • Cold weather gear; coats, gloves, hand warmers, hats, ear warmers, scarves and other cold weather gear on a cold day will make your day more pleasant.

What to Expect
Please show up on time for your hunt. We suggest that you arrive about 30 minutes prior to start time, so that you’ll have time to complete required administrative activities.

When you arrive, we have fresh coffee in the office during the orientation and administrative activities. Snacks and bottled water are provided for all hunters to carry with them. Restrooms are available in the office, and are available to hunters all day.

The Preserve is located less than 15 minutes from Downtown Oneonta, AL. If you are hunting all day, most hunters enjoy a quick drive into town for lunch. We have a number of choices to choose from with very good food.  We are happy to provide directions and recommendations.  You are also welcome to bring your own lunch and enjoy a break on the grounds or in the office.

We are happy to accommodate special requests for lunch on the grounds. We can provide boxed or hot lunches, birthday cakes, or other items. If you have something in mind, please just call and talk with us about your requests. We want the day to meet all your expectations, and we will do what we can to assist. Please know that additional fees will apply.

All hunters will be required to follow the Blackburn Fork Preserve Safety Rules. Hunters will attend a brief safety orientation program before beginning the hunt, and must sign the Blackburn Fork Preserve Waiver and Release Agreement. All hunters under the age of 18 years old will be required to have a parent, guardian, or custodian sign a Blackburn Fork Preserve Indemnification to be allowed to hunt. We will always operate within the Safety Rules for everyone’s safety. Anyone who does not adhere to the safety rules will be asked to leave the property.

We have a lot invested in the care and training of our dogs. They are our pets, and we love them. It’s also our job to ensure they are safe and protected from dangerous situations. Any injury or death to our dogs during a hunt, will be your responsibility.